November 2016: Chiang Mai Summary of the Month

November was a month of hellos and goodbyes; however that’s normal in Chiang Mai! I also got to spend some quality time with friends (and Jay, of course).

Jay in Bangkok

The start of the month Jay was in Bangkok for a work conference and he extended his trip and hung out with his friend. I missed him, it was probably the longest we have not seen each other since we left England, but I used the time to get organized!

The Larder & Food 4 Thought with Monique
With Monique at The Larder

With Monique at The Larder

I had another lovely lunch at The Larder and Food 4 Thought with Monique and we got to see each other before she moved back to England. It was sad having to say goodbye to another amazing Brit.

At Food for Thought

At Food for Thought

Ladies Lunch

I managed to attend another group lunch with some of the digital nomad ladies that I know. Good company and food!

Nadine Reunion
With Nadine

With Nadine

I met Nadine a few years ago, in Chiang Mai and whenever she visits the city we meet up. It was so good to see her and we always just pick up where we left off.

A Day Over the River

I spent the day exploring over by the Ping River. I live over the West side of the city and it nice to mix it up sometimes as I don’t often get over this side of town.

I had coffee at Khagee, which is a coffee shop I have been meaning to visit for so long. I also checked out the local markets in the area and had lunch at Butter is Better diner.

Shopping for England
Around the old city

Around the old city

I started looking for clothes for my trip to England, as I don’t own anything suitable for winter. I checked out some of the local stores and secondhand shops.

Artist’s Way Meeting
At the Artist's Way meeting

At the Artist’s Way meeting

I attended an interesting creative meeting event, based on the book The Artist’s Way, which covered ways to harness your creativity.

Loy Krathong Festival
Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong

Jay and I celebrated Loy Krathong by the river, watching the release of lanterns and loy krathong. We had a few drinks and food from the tasty food stalls.


Annaick’s Birthday Party
Annaick's Birthday

Annaick’s Birthday

My friend, Annaick celebrated her 40th birthday this month and she had a house party. It was great fun and we even did a Zumba routine for her!

Oasis Documentary

Jay and I had a date night and went to see the documentary about the British 90’s band, Oasis. It was really good and fun reliving the 90’s.

Tricia’s Birthday at Canteen
At Canteen

At Canteen

We celebrated my friend’s, Tricia’s birthday with tapas and drinks at the new tapas restaurant, Canteen.

Jam Session and Masterclass
With Beatriz

With Beatriz

Beatriz Busch is a Zumba Instructor, who is based in Bangkok. She hosts JAM sessions, for other instructors, in which you learn choreography to use in your own Zumba classes. She had a JAM session in Chiang Mai this month and it was really good.

She also had a Zumba party, which was so much fun. It was a good opportunity to catch up with some of the other instructors.

Branch Foundation Halloween Party

Branch Foundation fundraisers and friends; Iona and Tom

The Branch Foundation’s annual Halloween fundraiser party was postponed and they held it in November instead. Jay and I went along to support them and have a few drinks with friends.




Melinda Blair

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