10 Tips To Handle The Hot Season

Hot season in Asia is hard; it’s smoky, it’s humid and it’s hot, very hot!! Check out these tips to help you handle the hot season and make your stay more comfortable.

Avoid the Midday Sun
Chiang Mai Old City

Chiang Mai Old City

If you are visiting a hot country one of the first things you should do is avoid the midday sun, however most people just don’t do it! If you want to get out and see the sights then do it in the morning or late afternoon. In between, relax at your hotel, get something to eat, have a massage or find a nice air-conditioned café or restaurant to while away an hour or two.

Cool Off at the Pool

IMG_7584Many condos and hotels have swimming pools and even if it is not where you are staying you can often use their facilities for a small fee or if you buy food/drinks. Remember to protect yourself from the sun and regularly re-apply sun cream, especially if you are in and out of the water.

Drink A Lot

IMG_6987Make sure that you are drinking enough; especially if you are not used to hot weather, as you can get dehydrated really quickly. Take water with you when you head out. Drinking plenty of water is important, but you can also mix it up a little bit with fresh coconut juice, fruit juice or a cold coffee or tea, which are all readily available.

Eat Fruit

IMG_6425Not only is the fruit plentiful and delicious but it will also help you replace the fluids and natural sugars your body has lost.

Keep Covered

IMG-20140309-03372It can easily hit early 40’s C or over 100 F and it’s important to protect your skin. Use sunscreen, wear hats and cover yourself in loose layers. If you look at what the locals wear they always cover up to protect themselves from the sun. It is really easy to burn, especially when you are walking, cycling or driving around.

Cotton clothing is best, as we all know, as synthetic fabrics just cling and loose layers work better, as tight clothing will make you sweat more. This is also more appropriate clothing, especially in Asia, and more importantly when you visit temples. Lastly umbrellas are very useful for protecting you and keeping the sun off your head. They really make a difference!


Take a nap, especially during the hottest part of the day. You avoid the sun, when it is at its highest point, and you get chance to rest, as many people underestimate how tiring hot weather can be.

No Cold Showers

IMG_7192Having a cold shower will not make you feel cooler, as your body will compensate by increasing blood flow to your skin to control your core temperature. Instead have a lukewarm shower, or start cold and change to warm before you finish.

Set the Air-con to a Reasonable Temperature

I know you are hot but avoid setting your air-con really low, as when you eventually leave you will suffer more! If you need to set the air-con to cool down, then after about 30 minutes change the temperature to approximately 25 degrees. This will help you adjust when you go back out and avoid colds due to temperature changes.

Slow Down

IMG_0005Again take your guide from the locals. In the hot season you will notice that things slow down and people just take it easier. Don’t get caught up in having to be on the go, the whole time, just because you are on holiday.

Use Talcum powder

It really does help!! It will help keep you dry and fresh and there are many different types of powder that you can use; antibacterial types, ones for prickly heat, which you get from sweating or ones just to keep you cool.



Melinda Blair

Melinda is a travelaholic who left the UK in June 2013, on a one-way ticket and currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She started her blog as a way to record her travel experiences. She is a nomad at heart and is on the search for a flexible lifestyle that feeds her wanderlust.

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